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Turning your Raspberry Pi 4 into an Edge Gateway (Part I)

Developers get new opportunities to innovate with the emergence of edge computing. However, to unleash this innovation, form factors and software stacks suitable for hacking edge applications need to be made accessible. Canonical has enabled Ubuntu on the Raspberry Pi 4 for this purpose. Furthermore,  popular...


Introducing Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics – Now in Preview

Amazon CloudWatch Synthetics allows you to monitor application endpoints more easily. With this new feature, CloudWatch now collects canary traffic, which can continually verify your customer experience even when you don’t have any customer traffic on your applications, enabling you to discover issues before your customers...


Amazon CloudWatch Now Includes Contributor Insights – in Preview

Amazon CloudWatch Contributor Insights, now available in preview, analyzes time-series data to provide a view of the top contributors influencing system performance. Once set up, Contributor Insights runs continuously without needing additional user in… Continue Reading — Amazon CloudWatch Now Includes Contributor Insights – in...


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