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Amazon RDS for Oracle Now Supports Managed Disaster Recovery and Data Proximity with Cross-region Read Replicas

Starting today, Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for Oracle supports Cross-region Read Replicas with Oracle Active Data Guard. Amazon RDS for Oracle makes it easy to create physical standby DB instances in different AWS Regions from the primary… Continue Reading — Amazon RDS for Oracle...


Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Adds Support For Customer-Provided Keys for Server-Side Encryption

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose now provides additional protection of sensitive data through customer-provided keys for server-side encryption (SSE) of delivery streams. This feature is integrated with AWS Key Management Service (KMS), which allows you to… Continue Reading — Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Adds Support For...


Amazon CloudFront announces 10 new Edge locations including its first Edge location in Rome, Italy

Amazon CloudFront announces its first Edge location in Rome, Italy and two additional Edge locations in in Milan, Italy – more than doubling CloudFront’s total capacity within the Italian Peninsula. Furthermore, CloudFront announces additional Edge locations in Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Philadelphia, Newark, Atlanta, Los...


Amazon Aurora with MySQL and PostgreSQL Compatibility are now FedRAMP-High Compliant in AWS GovCloud (US)

Amazon Aurora with MySQL compatibility and Amazon Aurora with PostgreSQL compatibility in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions are now compliant with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) High baseline, which includes over 400 security c… Continue Reading — Amazon Aurora with MySQL and PostgreSQL...


AWS launches Tag Policies

Tag Policies is a new feature that allows you to define rules on how tags can be used on AWS resources in your accounts in AWS Organizations. You can use Tag Policies to easily adopt a standardized approach for tagging AWS resources. Continue Reading —...


Aurora Global Database Supports Multiple Secondary Regions

An Amazon Aurora Global Database is a single database that spans multiple AWS regions, enabling low latency global reads and disaster recovery from region-wide outages. With today’s launch, you can add as many as five secondary regions to your global cluster, expanding the reach of your...


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