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Fedora 31: knot-resolver FEDORA-2019-866dc03603>

– update to upstream version 4.3.0 – fixes CVE-2019-19331 – root.keys is moved to /var/lib/knot-resolver – knot-resolver no longer requires write permission to /etc/knot-resolver/ Continue Reading — Fedora 31: knot-resolver FEDORA-2019-866dc03603>


Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Adds Auto-Segment Feature for Semantic Segmentation Labeling

Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth added the auto-segment feature to the semantic segmentation labeling user interface. This feature increases labeling throughput, improves accuracy, and mitigates labeler fatigue. It simplifies the task by automatically lab… Continue Reading — Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth Adds Auto-Segment Feature for Semantic...


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Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise 3.0 now offers Hiera support for Impact Analysis and brings more simplicity and flexibility to defining and deploying code. Continue Reading — No title


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