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[$] Debian votes on init systems

In November, the topic of init systems and, in particular, support for systems other than systemd reappeared on the Debian mailing lists. After one month of sometimes fraught discussion, this issue has been brought to the project’s developers to decide in the form of a general...


Introducing The Amazon Builders’ Library

The Amazon Builders’ Library is a collection of living articles that take readers under the hood of how Amazon architects, releases, and operates the software underpinning Amazon.com and AWS. The Builders’ Library articles are written by Amazon’s senior technical leaders and engineers, covering topics across architecture,...


Migrating to Ubuntu Core

How do you deploy a critical embedded IoT application at scale and maintain it over the long-term? Innovators around the world are looking for answers to these questions. Security is a prime concern for critical embedded IoT applications. Not only must security be stringent by design,...


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