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Debian: DSA-4579-1: nss security update>

Two vulnerabilities were discovered in NSS, a set of cryptographic libraries, which may result in denial of service and potentially the execution of arbitrary code. Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4579-1: nss security update>


The State of Robotics – November 2019

November, for robotics, was a good month. We’re seeing new things develop, current projects finish and more cute animals in our future. So who can complain? The news we’re covering here are things that have crossed our path and that we’ve found interesting. If you have...


Simplifying hardware management during linux development

Every few months we release a Snapcraft update, with improvements to both linux development, and snap user experience. Last week, we released Snapcraft 3.9, and this blog post will focus on the remote build feature that is now a fully accessible preview.  Let’s dig deeper into...


VPN hijacking on Linux (and beyond) systems

William Tolley has disclosed a severe VPN-related problem in most current systems: “I am reporting a vulnerability that exists on most Linux distros, and other *nix operating systems which allows a network adjacent attacker to determine if anot… Continue Reading — VPN hijacking on Linux...


OpenBSD devs patch authentication bypass bug>

Are you an OpenBSD user? OpenBSD, one of the internet’s most popular free operating systems allowed attackers to bypass its authentication controls, effectively leaving the keys in the back door, according to an advisory released this week. The developers of the OpenBSD system have already patched...


New Linux Bug Lets Attackers Hijack Encrypted VPN Connections>

A team of cybersecurity researchers has disclosed a new severe vulnerability affecting most Linux and Unix-like operating systems, including FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, iOS, and Android, that could allow remote ‘network adjacent attackers’ to spy on and t… Continue Reading — New Linux Bug Lets Attackers...


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