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Alexa for Business adds end of meeting reminders, intelligent room release and meeting room utilization metrics.

Alexa for Business now supports new meeting room capabilities that help employees end meetings on time, automatically free up reserved but unused meeting rooms, and provide meeting room utilization insights for your organization.  Continue Reading — Alexa for Business adds end of meeting reminders, intelligent...


Amazon Lex Achieves HIPAA Eligibility

Amazon Lex is now a U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) eligible service. Customers can now use Amazon Lex to process user input that contains protected health information (PHI).  Continue Reading — Amazon Lex Achieves HIPAA Eligibility


Amazon SQS Now Supports 1-Minute CloudWatch Metrics

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) now publishes 1-minute metrics to Amazon CloudWatch, providing you more granular monitoring for queue status with continuous visibility into operations of your queues in order to quickly respond to changes in your work… Continue Reading — Amazon SQS Now Supports...


Amazon launches Neural Text to Speech voices in SYD region

Amazon Polly is a service that turns text into lifelike speech. Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of all Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) voices in the Asia Pacific (Sydney) region. NTTS voices, which deliver ground-breaking i… Continue Reading — Amazon launches Neural Text to...


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