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[$] New features for the Kubernetes scheduler

The Kubernetes scheduler is being overhauled with a series of improvements that will introduce a new framework and enhanced capabilities that could help cluster administrators to optimize performance and utilization. Abdullah Gharaibeh, co-chair… Continue Reading — [$] New features for the Kubernetes scheduler


Fedora 30: nss FEDORA-2019-8fbc65ef9e>

Fix intermittent SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER (#1752303, #1648617) —- Updates the nss package to upstream NSS 3.47.1. For details about new functionality and a list of bugs fixed in this release please see the upstream release notes – https://developer.m… Continue Reading — Fedora 30: nss FEDORA-2019-8fbc65ef9e>


Git v2.24.1 and others

The Git project has released Git v2.24.1, v2.23.1, v2.22.2, v2.21.1, v2.20.2, v2.19.3, v2.18.2, v2.17.3, v2.16.6, v2.15.4, and v2.14.6. “These releases fix various security flaws, which allowed an attacker to overwrite arbitrary paths, remotely … Continue Reading — Git v2.24.1 and others


Wrapping Up a Decade of Synergistic Technology

What a decade! Thinking back to 2009, it’s obvious that so much has changed – and so fast! Not surprisingly, technology is at the forefront of everything. But it’s not confined to just one branch or field of advancement. The 2010s can rightly be characterized as...


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