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[$] Explicit pinning of user-space pages

The saga of get_user_pages() — and the problems it causes within the kernel — has been extensively chronicled here; see the LWN kernel index for the full series. In short, get_user_pages() is used to pin user-space pages in memory for some sort of manipulation outside of...


The Senate Judiciary Committee Wants Everyone to Know It’s Concerned About Encryption>

The Senate Judiciary Committee recently held a hearing on encryption and “lawful access.” That’s the fanciful idea that encryption providers can somehow allow law enforcement access to users’ encrypted data while otherwise preventing the “bad guys” from accessing this very same data. Learn more: Continue Reading —...


Building a Rust snap by Example

There’s plenty of official documentation which details how to create snaps. We live in the copy/paste generation though. So lets walk through a real-world example you can use as a template, or selectively yoink sections from. This is the first in a series of posts which...


Amazon CloudFront now provides seven new data fields in access logs

Amazon CloudFront access logs provide detailed information about every user request that CloudFront receives. Starting today, seven additional data fields will now appear in your CloudFront access logs to improve visibility into the delivery of your content. For example, with the x-edge-detailed-result-type field you can identify...


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