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The 12 days of DevOps

Ah, it’s holiday season again. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in the air and starting on Christmas day, we’ll post 12 daily tweets about something cool that modern Puppet can do. Continue Reading — The 12 days of DevOps


Kernel prepatch 5.5-rc3

The third 5.5 kernel prepatch is out; it was a bit bigger than Linus would have liked. “Anyway, I’m hoping rc3 is a one-off. In fact, with the holiday season coming up, I’d be very surprised indeed if it wasn’t. So I suspect things will calm...


US military loves Linux>

The US government is increasingly using open-source software as a way to roll out advanced, highly secure technology in an economical manner. So chances are if you get hit by US munitions chances are the software is open source – which should make you feel better....


Debian LTS: DLA-2038-2: x2goclient regression update>

A change introduced in libssh 0.6.3-4+deb8u4 (which got released as DLA 2038-1) has broken x2goclient’s way of scp’ing session setup files from client to server, resulting in an error message shown in a GUI error dialog box during session startup (and … Continue Reading —...


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