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[$] One million ought to be enough for anybody

Programming languages generally have limits—explicit or implicit—on various aspects of their operation. Things like the maximum length of an identifier or the range of values that a variable can store are fairly obvious examples, but there … Continue Reading — [$] One million ought to...


Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics now supports Apache Flink 1.8

You can now build and run streaming applications using Apache Flink 1.8 in Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics. Apache Flink 1.8 capabilities include exactly once connectors for Amazon S3 and Apache Kafka, improvements to the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams conn… Continue Reading — Amazon Kinesis Data...


Hi, I’m benny. How can I help?

Hi! I’m benny. I like music, baking, crochet, books, and Pitbulls. I’ve just started getting back into gardening, and love to watch American football (always rooting for my poor Detroit Lions). I’ve lived in Michigan (the high-five of the US) most of my life, but snow...


Fedora 31: chromium FEDORA-2019-1a10c04281>

Update to Chromium 79. Fixes the usual giant pile of bugs and security issues. This time, the list is: CVE-2019-13725 CVE-2019-13726 CVE-2019-13727 CVE-2019-13728 CVE-2019-13729 CVE-2019-13730 CVE-2019-13732 CVE-2019-13734 CVE-2019-13735 CVE-2019-13764… Continue Reading — Fedora 31: chromium FEDORA-2019-1a10c04281>


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