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[$] A year-end wrap-up from LWN

2019 is coming to a close. It has been another busy year with a lot going on in the Linux and free-software communities. Here at LWN, we have a longstanding tradition of looking back at the predictions made in January to see just how badly we...


Amazon ElastiCache for Redis adds support for Redis 5.0.6 with additional stability and metering improvements

Amazon ElastiCache adds support for Redis open source version 5.0.6. This is a bug fix release with various improvements in stability and memory management. This release improves the stability of ElastiCache for Redis when dealing with large number of … Continue Reading — Amazon ElastiCache...


Amazon EMR now supports AWS PrivateLink

Amazon EMR is now available through VPC endpoints, allowing you to access Amazon EMR within your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) without traversing the internet. VPC endpoints for Amazon EMR are powered by AWS PrivateLink, which provides secu… Continue Reading — Amazon EMR now...


[$] Fedora and optical media testing

Once upon a time, Linux was installed from a stack of floppy disks—thankfully cassette tape “drives” were long in the past at that point—but floppies were superseded by optical media, first CDs and then DVDs. These days, those options are starting to fade away in most...


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