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[$] Cloning into a control group

The Linux control-group mechanism was designed to make it easy to assign processes to groups or move them around; it is a simple matter of writing a process ID to the appropriate cgroup.procs file in the control-group filesystem hierarchy. That… Continue Reading — [$] Cloning...


Amazon EKS enables network access restrictions to Kubernetes cluster public endpoints

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) now allows you to restrict access to your Kubernetes cluster’s public endpoint by specifying allowed IPv4 address ranges in CIDR notation. This allows you to implement network-based access control to your public endpoint. Continue Reading — Amazon EKS enables network...


Amazon Transcribe now Supports Vocabulary Filtering

Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it easy for you to add speech-to-text capability to your applications. Starting today, when transcribing audio, you can instruct Amazon Transcribe to automatically mask or re… Continue Reading — Amazon Transcribe now Supports Vocabulary...


Amazon FreeRTOS Now Available in the AWS China (Beijing), operated by Sinnet, and the AWS China (Ningxia), operated by NWCD, Regions

Amazon FreeRTOS is now available in the AWS China (Beijing), operated by Sinnet and AWS China (Ningxia), operated by NWCD, regions. Amazon FreeRTOS is an IoT operating system for microcontrollers that extends the FreeRTOS kernel with software libraries… Continue Reading — Amazon FreeRTOS Now Available...


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