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“MaaS. What number would you like?”

Enhanced MaaS Network Testing and Link Checking I remember getting my own phone line when I was about thirteen years old, thanks to my first job in a grocery.  My friend, Evan, could tell you all about the sounds that happen before the called party’s phone...


AWS Elastic Beanstalk Launches Public Roadmap

You can now follow the public AWS Elastic Beanstalk roadmap on GitHub to get updates on recently launched features, upcoming features, and to provide feedback on what you want us to support. You can create new issues to propose features or changes you … Continue...


Amazon WorkSpaces Migrate Enables Migration to the Windows 10 Desktop Experience and the New WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol in Beta

We are excited to introduce the Amazon WorkSpaces migrate feature that enables you to bring your user volume data to a new bundle. You can leverage this feature to migrate your WorkSpaces from the Windows 7 Experience to the Windows 10 Desktop Experien… Continue Reading...


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