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The State of Robotics – Robotics Over the Holidays

Canonical closes for the holidays, but robots just get more festive. Roboticists seem to feel the festive spirit, and it turns their projects into festive robots. The Ubuntu robotics team isn’t quite ready to let go of the festive cheer. So we’d like to share with...


[$] configfd() and shifting bind mounts

The 5.2 kernel saw the addition of an extensive new API for the mounting (and remounting) of filesystems; this article covered an early version of that API. Since then, work in this area has mostly focused on enabling filesystems to support this API fully. James Bottomley...


Chef GitHub Maintainer List and Permissions Changes

Early in 2019, we made some pretty major changes to how members of the community gain access and roles in the various Chef Infra, Chef Habitat, and Chef Inspec Github projects. While these changes were discussed heavily in the Community Slack, they were not captured in...


OpenWrt 19.07.0

Version 19.07.0 of the OpenWrt router distribution is available. “With this release, the OpenWrt project brings all supported targets back to a single common kernel version and further refines and broadens existing device support. It also introd… Continue Reading — OpenWrt 19.07.0


What Is Fingerprinting and How Firefox Blocks It>

Your data is worth more than you can imagine, and this is why advertisers turn to all kinds of tactics to collect information about you, including a method that is known as fingerprinting. Learn about fingerprinting and how Firefox blocks this privacy threat by default: Continue Reading...


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