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Amazon CloudFront launches in five new countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Kenya, and Romania

Amazon CloudFront announces its first Edge Locations in five new countries: Sofia (Bulgaria), Athens (Greece), Budapest (Hungary), Nairobi (Kenya), and Bucharest (Romania). Viewers in these countries will now see, on average, up to a 50% reduction in first-byte latency when accessing content through CloudFront. In addition...


Amazon Cognito now supports CloudWatch Usage Metrics

Amazon Cognito now supports CloudWatch Usage Metrics, making it easier for administrators to monitor, report and take automatic actions in case of an event in near real time. AWS customers can create CloudWatch dashboards for Amazon Cognito sign in and… Continue Reading — Amazon Cognito...


The Amazon Builders’ Library is Now Available in 16 Languages

You can now read The Amazon Builders’ Library in 16 different languages: Arabic, Indonesian, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, and the original English. To change to your preferred language, select the language in the upper right...


Introducing Workload Shares in AWS Well-Architected Tool

The AWS Well-Architected Tool now offers you a simple way to share workloads with other AWS accounts. Many customers use multiple AWS accounts to provide administrative autonomy for their teams. With Workload Shares, you can now create workloads in the… Continue Reading — Introducing Workload...


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