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[$] Poker and FOSS

The intersection of games with free and open-source software (FOSS) was the topic of a miniconf on the first day of this year’s linux.conf.au, which was held January 13-17 in Gold Coast, Australia. As part of the miniconf, Bradley M. Kuhn gave … Continue Reading...


New Ubuntu Theme in Development for 20.04

Yaru is the user interface theme that has been used in Ubuntu since 18.10. The theme is what determines the colours, borders, shadows, size, and shape of individual elements on the screen. Last week, the Yaru team visited London to plan the future of Yaru with...


[$] Accelerating netfilter with hardware offload, part 1

Supporting network protocols at high speeds in pure software is getting increasingly difficult, with 25-100Gb/s interfaces available now and 200-400Gb/s starting to show up. Packet processing at 100Gb/s must happen in 200 cycles or less, which … Continue Reading — [$] Accelerating netfilter with hardware...


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