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Debian: DSA-4600-1: firefox-esr security update>

Multiple security issues have been found in the Mozilla Firefox web browser, which could potentially result in the execution of arbitrary code, data exfiltration or cross-site scripting. Continue Reading — Debian: DSA-4600-1: firefox-esr security update>


Transformation – Simplify First

When I hear the term digital transformation, I’m reminded of my own mixed-mode nightmare involving photos. Being an individual of extensive life experience, I have a bunch of photos from the era when we used to print them out on actual paper and organize them into...


Amazon Translate introduces Batch Translation

Amazon Translate – a fully managed neural machine translation service that delivers high-quality, and affordable language translation in fifty-four languages – is now introducing Batch Translation. Starting today, customers have the option to translate a large collection of text or HTML documents stored in a folder...


Data Ops at petabyte scale

Should you deploy Apache Spark to Kubernetes? Learn how model-driven operations have enabled one data engineering team to evaluate several options and come to an ideal solution. Continue Reading — Data Ops at petabyte scale


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