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AWS Backup supports Cross-Region Backup

AWS Backup now supports cross-region backup, enabling AWS customers to copy backups across multiple services to different regions. Cross-region backup offers a centralized solution to store a copy of backup data more than a region away from production … Continue Reading — AWS Backup supports...


AWS Backup Delivers Fast Restore Experience for Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) Item-Level Recovery

AWS Backup now provides a streamlined experience for Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) Item-Level Recovery. You can now use AWS Backup to perform granular recovery of individual files or folders from Amazon EFS backups using a centralized console, for a simplified and fast restore experience, to...


Git v2.25.0

Git 2.25 has been released. This blog post looks at “partial clone support” and “sparse checkouts” as these features mature. “A clone of a Git repository copies all of its data: every version of every file in the history. For very large reposito… Continue Reading...


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 613

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 613 for the week of January 5 – 11, 2020. The full version of this issue is available here. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu 19.04 (Disco Dingo) reaches End of Life on January 23 2020 First Focal Fossa...


Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Lives On — in Anime!

The Unity desktop is no longer the jewel in Ubuntu’s crown, but the much-loved shell is still out there, sparkling. And no, I don’t just mean on the desktops of those still running Ubuntu 16.04 […] This post, Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Lives On — in Anime!,...


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