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New Digital Course on edX: Building Containerized Applications on AWS

We’re excited to announce the launch of Building Containerized Applications on AWS, a new self-paced digital course available exclusively on edX. Using video lectures, hands-on exercise guides, demonstrations, and quizzes, the course explains what containers are, as well as the differences between containers and virtual machines....


Roose: PHP in 2020

Brent Roose argues that it is time to take another look at PHP. “In this post, I want to look at this bright side of PHP development. I want to show you that, despite its many shortcomings, PHP is a worthwhile language to learn. I want...


Swimming among Emperors

Lewis Pugh is a renowned endurance athlete and United Nations Patron of the Oceans. He is set to make history as he attempts a one-kilometer swim in the most extreme conditions, in a bid to call for the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) around Antarctica....


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