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Fedora 31: xar FEDORA-2020-6490123c7c>

– Update to 1.6.1 – Change upstream – Exclude CVE-2010-0055 patch, includes in upstream – Exclude norpath patch, using sed – Pass FTBFS state #1676224 – General clean of the spec – Use Fedora guide lines in Source URL Continue Reading — Fedora 31: xar...


AWS Client VPN now Supports Port Configuration

You can now configure your AWS Client VPN endpoint to use either the port 443 or the port 1194, with support for both TCP and UDP transmissions. New and existing endpoints are defaulted to use the port 443. However, you can now modify these endpoints t… ...


AWS Glue adds new transforms (Purge, Transition and Merge) for Apache Spark applications to work with datasets in Amazon S3

AWS Glue now supports three new transforms – Purge, Transition, Merge – that can help you extend your extract, transform, and load (ETL) logic in Apache Spark applications. You can use the Purge transform to remove files, partitions or tables, and quic… Continue Reading —...


[$] Scheduling for the Android display pipeline

Android users make heavy use of the displays on their devices for almost all of their interaction; good display performance is thus critical for a satisfactory user experience. Achieving that performance is not always easy; there are a lot of p… Continue Reading — [$]...


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