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Mageia 2020-0477: python3 security update>

In Python 3 through 3.9.0, the Lib/test/multibytecodec_support.py CJK codec tests call eval() on content retrieved via HTTP (CVE-2020-27619). References: – https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27868 Continue Reading — Mageia 2020-0477: python3 security update>


Mageia 2020-0476: jackit security update>

posix/JackSocket.cpp in libjack in JACK2 1.9.1 through 1.9.12 has a “double file descriptor close” issue during a failed connection attempt when jackd2 is not running. Exploitation success depends on multithreaded timing of that double close, which can… Continue Reading — Mageia 2020-0476: jackit security update>


Amazon AppStream 2.0 adds support for real-time audio-video

Amazon AppStream 2.0 now supports real-time audio-video (AV) by seamlessly redirecting local webcam video input to AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions. As more users work from home, they rely heavily on video conferencing applications for collaboration. W… Continue Reading — Amazon AppStream 2.0 adds support for...


Announcing new AWS Wavelength Zones in Denver and Seattle

Today, we are announcing the availability of two new AWS Wavelength Zones on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network in Denver and Seattle. Wavelength Zones are now available in 10 cities, including the previously announced cities of Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Miami, New York City, San...


[$] 5.11 Merge window, part 2

Linus Torvalds released the 5.11-rc1 prepatch and closed the 5.11 merge window on December 27. By that time, 12,498 non-merge changesets had been pulled into the mainline; nearly 2,500 of those wandered in after the first merge-window summ… Continue Reading — [$] 5.11 Merge window, part...


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