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When Computer Crimes Are Used To Silence Journalists: Why EFF Stands Against the Prosecution of Glenn Greenwald

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has put out a statement in support of journalist Glenn Greenwald whose “prosecution is an attempt to use computer crime law to silence an investigative reporter who exposed deep-seated government corruption”. Greenwald is being charged in Brazil, where he reported on...


Amazon GuardDuty announces threat detection enhancements, reducing alert volume and increasing accuracy for common customer deployed architectures

This month, Amazon GuardDuty launched enhancements to several existing threat detections that will result in many customers seeing a 50% reduction in findings generated for port probes, SSH brute force attempts, and indications of DNS data exfiltration… Continue Reading — Amazon GuardDuty announces threat detection...


[$] The rapid growth of io_uring

One year ago, the io_uring subsystem did not exist in the mainline kernel; it showed up in the 5.1 release in May 2019. At its core, io_uring is a mechanism for performing asynchronous I/O, but it has been steadily growing beyond that use case … ...


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