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10 Best Features in Linux 5.5, Out Now

Linux 5.5 features a host of changes and worthwhile improvements, and this post we spotlight the best of them! Serving as the latest stable version of the Linux kernel, the Linux 5.5 release was announced […] This post, 10 Best Features in Linux 5.5, Out Now,...


The 5.5 kernel is out

In the end, Linus decided to release the 5.5 kernel rather than going for another prepatch. “So despite the slight worry that the holidays might have affected the schedule, 5.5 ended up with the regular rc cadence and is out now.” Some of the … ...


Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft ‘upcycles’ Windows 7… as open source>

More than 10 years on from its campaign to persuade users to dump Windows 7 for a non-proprietary alternative, the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has kicked off a petition to urge Microsoft to open-source the recently snuffed software. Continue Reading — Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft ‘upcycles’ Windows 7…...


Linus Torvalds Releases Linux Kernel 5.5 With Better Hardware Support>

With the regular milestone of Release Candidate (rc7), Linus Torvalds has announced the first stable release of the Linux kernel 5.5 for the general public. Apart from the last-minute network driver fixes, Linux 5.5 includes various improvements for security, the new and upcoming hardware platforms such as Raspberry Pi 4,...


Cephalocon 2020 sessions to look out for

March is a busy month in the open source calendar, with not just SUSECON occurring in Dublin, Ireland, but also the Ceph community congregating on the city of Seoul in South Korea for the ever popular Cephalocon conference. The global Ceph community is very vibrant, and...


Using Tilix – Part 1 on openSUSE

Today we present Tilix, a tiling terminal emulator, and share some tips that make this terminal an excellent tool for all users especially system administrators. As a reminder, Tilix (formerly Terminix) is a terminal emulator using libvte and written in D language with a GTK3+ interface....


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