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[$] The rapid growth of io_uring

One year ago, the io_uring subsystem did not exist in the mainline kernel; it showed up in the 5.1 release in May 2019. At its core, io_uring is a mechanism for performing asynchronous I/O, but it has been steadily growing beyond that use case … ...


Get ready for the emergence of AI-as-a-Service>

SaaS and PaaS have become part of the everyday tech lexicon since emerging as delivery models, shifting how enterprises purchase and implement technology. A new “_” as a service model is aspiring to become just as widely adopted based on its potential to drive business outcomes with...


Police are about to deploy ‘privacy destroying’ facial recognition cameras across London>

Facial recognition cameras are set to be deployed across London for the first time, the Metropolitan Police has announced. The Police say the technology will help fight crime – but critics warn that the ‘privacy destroying’ scheme amounts to oppressive surveillance. What is your opinion on this...


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