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Part 2 – Mastering Grep – Regular Expressions

Using Regular Expressions with Grep A “regular expression” is a pattern that describes a set of strings. Regular expressions are constructed analogously to arithmetic expressions, by using various operators to combine smaller expressions. `grep’ understands three different versions of regular expression syntax: “basic,” (BRE) “extended” (ERE)...


Part 2 – Mastering SED – Usage Examples

1 Centering Lines Using SED This script centers all lines of a file on a 80 columns width. To change that width, the number in `\{…\}’ must be replaced, and the number of added spaces also must be changed. Note how the buffer commands are used to separate...


Part 3 – Mastering Grep – Usage Examples

Here is an example command that invokes GNU `grep’: grep -i ‘hello.*world’ menu.h main.c This lists all lines in the files `menu.h’ and `main.c’ that contain the string `hello’ followed by the string `world’; this is because `.*’ matches zero or more characters within a line....


Scripting : SVM Root Mirroring for SOLARIS

Here I am posting the script that mirrors primary root disk to selected mirror disk ( of same geometry and size ) . And script will automatically perform the mirror attach operations that required  before and after the server reboot.  The script  will perform following operations,...


Solaris Network Performance Tuning : know about TCP window size

Our Unixadmin, John from xyz company,  recently upgraded one of his server’s network interface card  from the old one with 100MB speed to a new one with 10Gig speed , and the reason is to improve the speed for the backup of the server. After the NIC Upgrade  john found that the server network...


Understanding Network VLANs

Virtual LANs or VLANs are virtual separations within a switch that provide distinct logical LANs that each behave if there were configured on a separate physical switch. Some Important points about VLANS.  All the servers connected with in a VLAN will have same broadcasting domain, and...

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