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Storage Administration : NetApp SnapVault

  Continuing from my previous post on SnapMirror, SnapVault also uses NetApp Snapshot technology. I will use “SV” instead of SnapVault.   SV can be done from multiple primary storage systems to one secondary storage system, it also reduces storage requirements by using thin-replication technology and...


Basics and Data flow in NetApp Clustered Data OnTAP

 Similar to 7-mode we have three administrative privilage levels: admin, advanced and diagnostic. Clustered ONTAP system can be managed either from CLI or GUI (system manager or element manager). There are three different shells available with different scopes: Clustershell, nodeshell, systemshell Step:1 Access through CLI Clustershell:=========-SSH...


Storage Administration : Netapp Snapmirror

Snap Mirror Basics   1. Snapshot technology is the foundation for SnapMirror 2. SnapMirror is a fast and highly flexible solution for replicating data over LAN, WAN and FC networks. It can also be used for data migration, data distribution for load balancing and remote access. 3. No interruption...


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