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Solaris Kernel Information Center

Read – Using Truss to Identify the Signals sending to a Process Read – Standard file descriptors Read – General Procedure for Kernel Patching in Solaris. Read – Configuring Kernel Parameters Read – Configuring Inter process communication Parameters Read– Monitoring Kernel Memory Utilization Read– tune and...


Solaris Troubleshooting : Using Truss to Identify the Signals sending to a Process

One of the Sample Issue: Customer frequently sees in /var/adm/messages syslogd: going down on signal 15 which indicates that the system rebooted from a normal shutdown or init 6, yet no reboot has actually occurred and uptime indicates that no reboot occurred. If you stop the...


Solaris 10 : Configuring Interprocess communication Parameters

Many system administrators, particularly those managing large database servers, have had difficulty tuning shared memory and semaphore parameters in /etc/system. Often, these difficulties are experienced before starting an application instance. The Solaris 10 Operating System addresses this issue by integrating the System V IPC tunables into...


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