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System admin Best Practices: Procedure to Install a New Server in a Datacenter and installing the Operating system remotely

Below are the steps commonly followed for the most of the enterprise networks where the data center located remotely and support performs build procedures remotely. 1. Procuring Hardware 2.  Allocate DC space and Racking Hardware 3.  Allocating network ports 4.  Configuring remote consoles 5.  Gather System...


Are you ready to encounter a complete Datacenter power failure ?

 The role of system administration involves three different responsibilities. 1. Be ready to Prevent the issues which are Expected to Arise 2. Be ready to Resolve the issues which are already Expected but couldn’t prevent from occurring. 3. Be Ready to Resolve the issues which are...


Sysadmin BestPractices: Configuring loghost on Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4900, 6800 and E6900

It is considered a ‘Best Practice’ to configure a ‘loghost’s for each server and production domain. A ‘Loghost’ on a Solaris platform can permanently save messages that are logged in the System Controller’s NVRAM buffer. This will insure that they are not lost due to either a...


Day in SA Life : Working Remotely for an hardware issue

Below is  Sample production environment : 1. Server Infrastructure was located in Two different Data center ( DC ).  One DC is for Production Servers and another one for Disaster Recovery( DR) servers 2. System Administrators and Application Developers are sitting in different countries and working remotely....


Solaris Hostname / IP rename Procedure

In enterprise network environment, the life time of any server will be decided by the lifetime of the application that is running on top of Operating System. In case if the application was retired / decommissioned then that server can be utilized for the different applications....


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