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IPMP Configuration – Solaris 10 vs Solaris 11

The Oracle Solaris 11 IP Multipathing (IPMP) feature has a new conceptual model. The IP interfaces are now grouped into a “virtual” group IP interface (e.g. ipmp0) that serves all your data IP addresses while any test addresses (probe-based failure detection) are assigned to the underlaying...


Hands on Lab – Replacing Failed Disks from ZFS Pools ( Simple / Mirrored / RaidZ )

    In our earlier post ( To get Started with ZFS ) , yogesh discussed about various ZFS pool and file system Operations. In this post I will be demonstrating the redundancy capability for different ZFS pools and also the recovery procedure from the disk failure scenarios....


Solaris 11 – How to Display Solaris System Information

How to Display a System’s Release Information Display the contents of the /etc/release file to identify your release version. $ cat /etc/release Oracle Solaris Nevada Next Development snv_146 x86 Copyright (c) 2010, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. Assembled 29 July 2010 How to Display...


Solaris 11 – How to Administrate IPQoS

How to Apply a New Configuration to the IPQoS Kernel Modules You use the ipqosconf command to read the IPQoS configuration file and to configure the IPQoS modules in the UNIX kernel. The next procedure uses as an example the file/var/ipqos/Goldweb.qos Apply the new configuration. #...


Solaris 11 Command Cheat Sheet : Managing Services

What is the Service Management Facility? The Oracle Solaris Service Management Facility (SMF) is responsible for managing system and pplication services, replacing the legacy init scripting start-up mechanism common to other UNIX operating systems. SMF helps improves the availability of a system by,  ensuring that essential...


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