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Linux Admin Reference : Yum Quick Reference – Redhat Enterprise Linux

Yum or “Yellow dog Update, Modified” is a package manager that was developed by Duke University to improve the installation of RPMs. Yum searches several repositories for packages and their dependencies so they may be installed together in an effort to alleviate dependency issues. Red Hat...


5 Linux Command to Summarize file Contents

 wc command::                                      Print newline, word, and byte counts  sum command::                                    Print checksum and block counts  cksum command::                                 Print CRC checksum and byte counts  md5sum command::                             Print or check MD5 digests  sha1sum  and sha2 commands::           Print or check SHA-1 digests and SHA-2 digests


Linux Admin Reference – Understand Device Mapper and DM-Multipath – Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Device-mapper is a very important component of Linux 2.6 kernel. It is used for many critical storage related applications, such as LVM2, Linux native multipath tool device-mapper-multipath, device-mapper software RAID, etc. A solid understanding of device-mapper helps system administrators to investigate various kinds of issues with...


Linux regular expressions ( regex) to analyze text

Create a Sample file to Understand how RegEx commands works in Linux My original text Another line with the number 3 Search for the word “me” I contain 5and6 Skip me and me 0 + 1 = 1 Above this line is a math equation…duh! 1....


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