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Edge use-cases enabled by MEC and 5G

Edge computing is going to be a new cloud in the next year. However, investment in MEC from a telecom operator perspective is expensive. On this webinar, you will learn what are the existing business use cases, as well as the ones on the horizon in...


Open source in Federal Government: Adoption, innovation and procurement

Currently the Federal Government has limited choices for secure, compliant and supported Linux distributions and open source technologies, making procurement expensive and limits options for their workforce. Canonical offers professional services and support for the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution, as open source infrastructure and application technologies...


An introduction to Ubuntu Core 20

Ubuntu Core 20, a minimal, containerised version of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS for IoT devices and embedded systems, is now generally available. This new release enables innovators to create highly secure things and focus entirely on their own unique features and apps, with confinement and security updates...


End-to-end wiring using Kubeflow, Kafka, and ElasticSearch

Open source technologies, like Kubeflow, are increasingly being used for AI/ML and predictive modeling across industries. However, operationalising the model and building the AI/ML infrastructure requires planning, automation and a lot of DevOps resources. Our latest webinar provides real world application, with a demo on building...


AWS Glue DataBrew now allows you to configure the size of the dataset when auto-generating data quality statistics

When running profile jobs in AWS Glue DataBrew to auto-generate 40+ data quality statistics like column-level cardinality, numerical correlations, unique values, standard deviation, and other statistics, you can now configure the size of the dataset yo… Continue Reading — AWS Glue DataBrew now allows you...


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