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3 Commands to operate on File fields

1.  cut Command ‘cut’ writes to standard output selected parts of each line of each input file, or standard input if no files are given or for a file name of ‘-‘. Synopsis: cut OPTION… [FILE]… In the table which follows, the BYTE-LIST, CHARACTER-LIST, and FIELD-LIST...


Five Awesome things that i did in August

Hello, How are you doing? After I quit from my job, august is the most productive month for me. In August, I have done several things both personal and technical, but i will limit this post the tech stuff.


Four Commands for Directory listing

1 'ls': List directory contents The 'ls' program lists information about files (of any type, including directories). Options and file arguments can be intermixed arbitrarily, as usual. For non-option command-line arguments that are directories, by default 'ls' lists the contents of directories, not recursively, and omitting...

How to assign Memory Resources to Domains with the Oracle VM Server for SPARC(LDOMS)

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New Learning video posted at

Hi, How are you doing? Just a Quick update about the knowledge article  that we posted recently. We always love to listen and curious to learn from your experience, so please share us your  thoughts and experience related to this specific article, from comments section. Video –...

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