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‘base64’: Transform data into printable data

‘base64’ transforms data read from a file, or standard input, into (or from) base64 encoded form.  The base64 encoded form uses printable ASCII characters to represent binary data.  Synopses:      base64 [OPTION]… [FILE]      base64 –decode [OPTION]… [FILE] The base64 encoding expands data to roughly 133%...


Migrating NIS Server from Solaris10 to RHEL6

Case Study : The Company wants to move it’s entire platform environment from Solaris to Linux. in this post , we will be discussing about the procedure to migrate the existing NIS server from Solaris 10 to RHEL6. Please note that we will be migrating...


VxVM : Recovering the mirrored volume with both sides of mirror components ( plexes) had Error State

This post is continuation to the Yogesh’s recent post ” Recovering Disabled Disk groups” ( which is talking about recovering Disk group which has no volume issues at low level but just failed to initiate during the start up),  and also related to the post  “Recovering...


Unix Admin Reference – Veritas Volume Manager Volume States and Plex States

    While Troubleshooting Veritas Volume Manager, Understanding volume and plex states is key part to investigate about the current issue related to the Veritas Volumes. In this post, I made little effort to write all the possible Volume and Plex states so that it can...

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