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Part 2 – Mastering SED – Usage Examples

1 Centering Lines Using SED This script centers all lines of a file on a 80 columns width. To change that width, the number in `\{…\}’ must be replaced, and the number of added spaces also must be changed. Note how the buffer commands are used to separate...


Part 1 – Mastering Sed – Introduction , Invocation and Programs

1 Introduction `sed’ is a stream editor. A stream editor is used to perform basic text transformations on an input stream (a file or input from a pipeline). While in some ways similar to an editor which permits scripted edits (such as `ed’), `sed’ works by making only...


September is a Scripting month at

How are you doing? We announced September as a Scripting month at This is just a Quick update about the scripting articles  that we posted recently, and many more yet to come, so please stay tuned 100+ Perl One Liners   Part 1 – Mastering Sed...


100+ Perl One Liners

Double-space a file perl -pe ‘$\ = “\n”‘ file Double-space a file, excluding the blank lines perl -pe ‘$_ .= “\n” unless /^$/’ Add a blank line before every line perl -pe ‘s/^/\n/’ Remove all blank lines perl -ne ‘print unless /^$/’


Five Awesome things that i did in August

Hello, How are you doing? After I quit from my job, august is the most productive month for me. In August, I have done several things both personal and technical, but i will limit this post the tech stuff.


awk or gawk reference

Awk and Gawk – pattern scanning and processing language Gawk is the GNU Project’s implementation of the AWK programming language. It conforms to the definition of the language in the POSIX 1003.1 Standard. This version in turn is based on the description in The AWK Programming...


What did we post in August?

This is just a  recap of what we have done in August, in overall it was a busy month with 24 Posts in addition to the 3 Digital Edition of  Unix Magazine. Unix Magazine First Edition Unix Magazine Second Edition Unix Magazine Third Edition

Linux Administration Information Center

Booting Tasks Read – Unexpected Server Reboots of RHEL servers on HP Read – Linux Admin Reference – RedHat Linux Grub Loader Storage Responsibilities Read – Understand Device Mapper and DM-Multipath Read – Identifying Disk Errors in Linux Read – Identify if linux was installed on...

Solaris NIS Information Center

Read – Configure Master, Slave and Client Read – Removing a NIS slave server (or convert it to a NIS client) Read – Adding a NIS slave server to existing NIS master’s maps Read – How to completely remove NIS from all machines Read – Restricting...

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