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SAN Storage Configuration – Solaris 10 with native multipathing and veritas volume manager

  Here you go with the procedure to configure SAN ( EMC ) storage with native multipathing and veritas volume manager. You dont need to go with complete procedure in a single read, because it has different tasks involved and the procedure was well implemented on...


Solaris Troubleshooting : Calculate TCP retransmission rate using netstat

This post explains you the information on the TCP retransmission measurement using netstat -s for Solaris. A system with a high retransmission rate indicates network congestion and can cause network oriented applications (like web servers) to operate slowly. Procedure to Calculate TCP retransmission rate: TCP expects acknowledgments from...


4 Linux Command to Display Selected Parts of File Contents

head command::           Output the first part of files. tail command::             Output the last part of files. split command::           Split a file into pieces. csplit command::          Split a file into context-determined pieces.

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