Author: Ramdev


Solaris SVM : Disk replacement for Systems With Internal FCAL Drives Under SVM (V280R, V480, V490, V880, V890):

Beginning with Solaris 9 Operating System (OS), Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) software uses a new feature called Device-ID (or DevID), which identifies each disk not only by it’s c#t#d# name, but also by a unique ID generated by the disk’s World Wide Number (WWN), or serial...


‘pr’: Paginate or columnate files for printing

‘pr’ writes each FILE (‘-‘ means standard input), or standard input if none are given, to standard output, paginating and optionally outputting in multicolumn format; optionally merges all FILEs, printing all in parallel, one per column.  Synopsis:      pr [OPTION]… [FILE]… By default, a 5-line header...

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