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VXVM 6.1 – How to restore simple or nopriv disk access records in VxVM , using vxdarestore ?

::: Simple/Nopriv Disks in the Boot Disk Group If simple or nopriv disks in the boot disk group, bootdg, go into the “error” state, use the following procedure: 1. Use the vxdiskadm command to change back to the c#t#d#s# based naming scheme. 2. Either shut down...


Solaris Troubleshooting SDS/SVM: How to Replace a Disk which contained Soft Partitions with

When trying to access a soft partition after a disk replacement, the metareplace command or any direct I/O to a soft partition will fail with the following types of errors: In an instance where d68 is the mirror device, and d28 is a soft partition inside one of...


SLAVE DNS server Configuration in Linux

A slave DNS server is similar to a master DNS server. It can help with load balancing and provide redundancy should the master DNS server fail. Because it serves as a “secondary” DNS server, it actually pulls the necessary files from its master counterpart, making configuration...


Solaris 10 – How to Setup Locales using localeadm?

One of the most important factor for application programs is that the locale . Locale define the  native-language environment, code sets, data and time formatting conventions, monetary conversions and the standard library functions of ANSI C. A locale name is follows the pattern of base language,...

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