Disk Initialisation – SMI Label vx EFI Label


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  1. Yogesh Raheja says:

    Also, in older versions of VXVM we need to label the disks as EFI whenever a new disk is assigned to the OS. I had an experience with this initially when I started playing with vxvm. But now in newer vesrions I guess this limitation has been recovered.

  2. phanishanker@gmail.com says:

    Limitations with EFI labeled disks:

    We can boot from EFI labeled disks.—> Is it we cannot boot from EFI labeled disk

  3. dsanger says:

    You CAN boot from EFI labelled disks on SPARC with the proper firmware: “On SPARC T4 servers, the Sun System Firmware must be at least version 8.4.0. On SPARC
    T5 and SPARC M5 servers, the firmware must be at least version 9.1.0.” See “Managing devices in Oracle Solaris 11.3” p. 94

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