Solaris Troubleshooting Jumpstart – Common Problems


I have started ( aka in 2009 as my own personal reference blog, and later sometime i have realized that my leanings might be helpful for other unixadmins if I manage my knowledge-base in more user friendly format. And the result is today's' You can connect me at -

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  1. anil says:

    Hi Ramdev

    Solaris 11 has deprecated Jumpstart and introduced automated Installer do you have any practical exposure using AI

    WE faced several issues WAN booting sun servers to jumpstart sol10 on sunfire V870 servers.

  2. Ramdev says:

    Hi Anil,  I have not  tested AI yet, in production. Sorry :).
    You can discuss the WAN boot issues with solaris 10 that you are experiencing now.

  3. Sameer Gole says:

    Hi Ramdev, Excellent doc. I just solved the complex jumpstart problem using this doc.

  4. akshay says:

    wht i role of “/tftpboot” directory; why its content

    also can u tell us what is jet installation & how its worked???????

    • Ramdev says:

      /tftpboot mainly used to holds portable kernel which helps to boot the server from network. JET ( Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit) refers to the total jumpstart framework. And it will come with some additional scripts to make the jumpstart installation lot more easier ( for solaris 10 and earlier).

  5. Ramdev says:

    @Sameer – happy to know that it worked for you

  6. akshay says:


    I want to perform OS up-gradation from solaris 10 U2 to solaris 10 U9 but through JUMPSTART.

    so can u help me what r change in installation & up-gradation via JUMPSTART….

  7. akshay says:

    Sir i am still waiting 4 ur reply…

    1 more thing on 1 server i fresh install solaris 10 U9. but after installation i found that i give wrong locale. us-en-1 but app team want us-en-15. so i edit /etc/TIMEZONE file & give req. locale. but its does nt take effect in locale cmds. is there is any process to refresh locale service. I cant take reboot as its production server.

  8. roony says:

    –> akshay

    1)  check this “locale” file first
          and the file path is “usr/lib/locale”
    2)  Then check “/etc/default/init” &  “/etc/TIMEZONE”
    3)  U must have to reboot the S,unless it won’t take effect.


  9. Ramdev says:

    Thanks Roony.

    Akshay, please check the settings from /etc/default/init, that should fix the problem. About the version upgrade, I couldn’t recollect actual instructions for jumpstart. But will refer my notes and post you back.

  10. santhu says:

    Thanx for the doc ..

  11. santhu says:

    Hi ram ,,Can i set up jumpstart server on a pc and install solaris using this server in sun virtual box which is installed over my laptop??

    • Ramdev says:

      Yes you can. Just use the bridged interface on virtual box, and select the network as first boot device from
      “virtual machine -> settings -> system -> motherboard tab -> boot order -> select network and move to top”

  12. Srinivas says:

    Hi Ramdev,

    Could u please provide the difference between process and a service in solaris.

  13. Ramdev says:

    Service  is something that operating system delivers to end user by running different processes together. Example : NFS is a service that solaris provides us to share the data, by running different processes like nfsd, mountd , statd …etc.

    real world example:

    you know that Indian railways provides online reservation service to the customers. But to deliver that service to you, it has to run multiple processes such as  proper website, payment procedures and ticket delivery to you, together faultless.

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