UFS to VXFS migration using vxfsconvert (Veritas Utility).

Yogesh Raheja

Yogesh working as a Consultant in Unix Engineering by profession. And he has multiple years experience in Solaris, Linux , AIX and Veritas Administration. He has been certified for SCSA9, SCSA10, SCNA10, VXVM, VCS, ITILv3. He is very much passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Specialties: Expertize in Unix/Solaris Server, Linux (RHEL), AIX, Veritas Volume Manager, ZFS, Liveupgrades, Storage Migrations, Cluster deployment (VCS and HACMP) and administration and upgrade on Banking, Telecom, IT Infrastructure, and Hosting Services.

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  1. Mahesh says:

    Hi Yogesh,

    Can please same process of migration from VXFS to EXT3 in linux.
    HI Experts Team,
    one more real challenging activity we(I) are facing?
    where we have one server PG938 in linux and having one filesystem(/prd/download/eBBS/batch) of 1.7 out 539 GB is used ….
    So our requirement is to decommsion 850G out of 1.7 TB filesystem . we have collected all empty disk space for decommsioning the server.
    The Plan is also ready to perform the actvity.
    —MY Manager is saying that we need to migrate it from VXFS fiesystem to Ext3 since vxvm is linux. I am not sure whther it is required?
    When we contacted symantic suggested that add ext3 filesystem to removeable only that can be done. and also asked why ur going for migration?
    WHY filesystem MIGRATITION is required to perform the above activity.?
    EVEN migration is required how migration will be done. whether it will be done in by adding the ext3 removable disks or by using the vxfsconvert .if i run below command there will any impact .
    can any one help how the migration will be done in step by step procedure.
    VAluable suggestions are always welcome . Wating for ur reply ASAP since this activity is important..

    Also this nfs share server.

  2. Mahesh says:

    Pls help me to reslove the above issue

  3. Ramdev says:

    Mahesh, The vxfsconvert doesn’t support veritas to ext3 filesystem.. It is only helpful to convert from non-vxfs file system to vxfs.

    As per Redhat, there is no tool/utility available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux to convert

    either VxVM volumes to LVM volume. or VxFS to ext3/ext4 filesystems.

    Only Supported method is

    – Take backup of data resides on VxFS
    – Create lvm on partitioned disk, format it as ext3/4 filesystem
    – Restore data from back up to newly created ext3/ext4 filesystem

  4. mahesh says:

    HI Ramdev,
    We have one more plan for this method. by adding ext3 filesystem to the decomssion disks and uninitailse from the vxvm control and remove from the server. will this method will be fine?

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