Powerdown parameter for Solaris boxes.

Yogesh Raheja

Yogesh working as a Consultant in Unix Engineering by profession. And he has multiple years experience in Solaris, Linux , AIX and Veritas Administration. He has been certified for SCSA9, SCSA10, SCNA10, VXVM, VCS, ITILv3. He is very much passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Specialties: Expertize in Unix/Solaris Server, Linux (RHEL), AIX, Veritas Volume Manager, ZFS, Liveupgrades, Storage Migrations, Cluster deployment (VCS and HACMP) and administration and upgrade on Banking, Telecom, IT Infrastructure, and Hosting Services.

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  1. vasanth says:

    Nice to get more information regarding sun hardwares

  2. Yogesh Raheja says:

    Hi Vasanth, below link would be helpful to understand Sun Hardwares: http://gurkulindia.com/main/2012/09/oracle-server-hardware-reference-3d-view/

  3. Chris says:

    Hi there,

    I was wondering if after the power has been restored, the OS will boot automatically if the OBP varible auto-boot? is set to true.
    To see its value, from OPB (OK) just issue : printenv auto-boot?

    I think that these 2 variables are somehow related. I mean, if you have sc variable set to true, but OBP “auto-boot?” set to false, after your power restored, your server will only boot to OK. So, in order to have fully auto boot server you must have both variables set to true.

    Hope this helps other fellow admins.

  4. Ramdev says:

    Chris,  you are right.  
    Thanks for adding more information on this.

  5. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Chris, thats very True, but the mentioned parameter is for HARDWARE power and not for OS booting. If your power goes down and this sc_powerstatememory is false your system hardware wont come up after power being restored i.e you need to manually PowerOn the box to get to PowerOn the hardware and henec to reach to Lom or OK prompt. Now the second thing comes which you stated auto-boot which should be TRUE in order to boot your OS. ;-). And ideally Auto-Boot should be set to true for any OS for quickest OS panic recovery. Thanks for this point. :-)

  6. Vinit garg says:

    Hi Yogesh,Suppose sc_powerstatememory set to True & in case of any hardware replacement activity we execute init 5 to poweroff the server but as this parameter is on then OS will again Up automatically??
    Tell me where I am wrong…

    • Ramdev says:

      Vinit, init 5 just for power off and doesn’t take you to reboot cycle. The parmeter sc_powerstatememory will be effective when system gets power on again manually.

  7. Satheesh says:

    Very useful topic! We have checked in all our client servers’ consoles and all were configured with ‘sc_powerstatememory’ as ‘false’. Many thanks!
    But I would like to know if there is an alternative in case this variable is not available (like in RSC, Version 2.2).

    rsc> show sc_powerstatememory
    Unable to get value of variable ‘sc_powerstatememory’.
    rsc> showsc
    RSC Version: 2.2
    RSC Bootmon version: 2.0.0
    RSC Firmware version: 2.2.1

  1. September 17, 2015

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