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  1. seema says:

    Hello Ramdev ..For HBA drivers installation on soalris 10 i would run #fcinfo hba-port from the ouput Manufacturer: Emulex —-> will find the vendor and download the drivers for specific model and install.. okay … Now for soalris 8 and 9 how to get the model and manufacture details ? prtdiag —> display the system diagnostics and if any failures(so i will not prefer this ) and prtconf —-> i do get the wwpn and wwnn but its not enough info for me to download the drivers …..
    any research on solaris 8 i can do ?

  2. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Seema, fcinfo hba-port is only used in solaris 10. For finding the same details in solaris 8 or 9 you have to rely upon the Emulex or Lpfc utility. As you wrote you are having Emulex drivers installed on your system, there will be a package (EMLXemlxu) of the same in /opt go there and select “emlxadm” utility and you will find different options to finf out the details:
    eg is:

    yogesh-test#/opt/EMLXemlxu/bin# ./emlxadm

    EMLXADM Device Management Utility, Version 1.00r
    COPYRIGHT © 2004-2006 Emulex. All rights reserved.
    Available HBA’s:
    1. /devices/pci@0,600000/pci@0/pci@9/lpfc@0/fp@0,0:devctl (CONNECTED)
    2. /devices/pci@0,600000/pci@0/pci@9/lpfc@0,1/fp@0,0:devctl (NOT CONNECTED)
    3. /devices/pci@1,700000/lpfc@0/fp@0,0:devctl (CONNECTED)
    4. /devices/pci@1,700000/lpfc@0,1/fp@0,0:devctl (NOT CONNECTED)
    Enter an HBA number or zero to exit: 1
    HBA: /devices/pci@0,600000/pci@0/pci@9/lpfc@0/fp@0,0:devctl
    Available commands: [rev2]
    get_num_devs – Returns the number of FC devices seen by this HBA.
    get_dev_list – Returns a list of FC devices seen by this HBA.
    get_logi_params – Returns the login paramters for a specified FC device.
    get_host_params – Return the host parameters.
    get_sym_pname – Returns the symbolic port name of a device.
    set_sym_pname – Sets the symbolic port name for a device.
    get_sym_nname – Returns the symbolic node name of a device.
    set_sym_nname – Sets the symbolic node name for a device.
    dev_login – Performs an FC login to a device.
    dev_logout – Performs an FC logout to a device.
    get_state – Returns current Leadville state of a specified device.
    dev_remove – Remove the FC device from Leadville management.
    link_status – Request link error status from a specified D_ID.
    get_fcode_rev – Returns the current Fcode revison of the HBA.
    download_fcode [filename] – Download the HBA fcode.
    get_fw_rev – Returns the current firmware revison of the HBA.
    download_fw [filename] – Download the HBA firmware.
    get_boot_rev * Returns the current boot revison of the HBA.
    download_boot [filename] * Download the HBA boot image.
    get_dump_size – Returns the HBA’s firmware core dump size.
    force_dump – Force a firmware core dump on this HBA.
    get_dump – Saves firmware core dump to a file.
    get_topology – Returns the current FC network topology.
    reset_link – Resets the link of a specified FC device.
    reset_hard – Reset the HBA.
    reset_hard_core – Reset the HBA firmware core.
    diag – Perform a diagnostic test on the HBA.
    ns – Performs a complete query of the fabric name server.
    parm_get_num * Returns the total number of configurable parameters.
    parm_get_list * Returns a list of configurable parameters.
    parm_get * Gets the value of a specified parameter in the driver.
    parm_set * Sets the value of a specified parameter in the driver.
    msgbuf all or [-i interval] * Returns the driver’s internal message log.
    get_host_attrs – Returns the host adapter and port attributes.
    get_port_attrs , or all – Returns the port attributes.
    get_path – Returns the adapter path.
    get_vpd * Returns the adapter’s Vital Product Data (VPD).
    q – Exits this program.
    h – Returns this help screen.
    hba – Select another hba.
    p – Repeat previous command.
    *Emulex adapters only

    Select the option and find out the details.

    Second option is: if lpfc is installed then go to /usr/sbin/lpfc there you will find lpfcutil & lpfc64util, run and find the information.
    Thirdly luxadm will also be a useful command for finding the same details.

  3. seema says:

    @yogesh .. thats what my question was ? fcinfo hba-port is for sol 10 okay. Unless the drivers are installed i cannot see in /opt … so how will i know the manufacture and model so taht i can install the drivers…. This is before installing how to figure not after installing ….Procedure You have specified is after then i can use luxadm utility and so …
    Thanks for quick response …….

  4. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @seema, this is the planning decision which is taken by build team as per Client suggestion, Without these utilities the only option is prtconf. But I have saw during the building time we wont see WWN via prtconf in sol 8/9. Thats why solaris 10 have removed this limitation. Also if you are using EMC storage then syminq fiber-hba is the command which will work in all solaris versions wbut for that again EMCsymmetrix pacakage should be installed on your system. Most of the clients using EMC storage prefer this package. Hope this helps.

  5. seema says:

    Thanks yogesh !!!

  1. September 17, 2015

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