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I have started ( aka in 2009 as my own personal reference blog, and later sometime i have realized that my leanings might be helpful for other unixadmins if I manage my knowledge-base in more user friendly format. And the result is today's' You can connect me at -

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  1. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Ram, perfect for Solaris 10.

  2. sekhar says:

    perfeclty good…

  3. pradeep Marneni says:

    Perfect RAM i Almost forgot veritas you brushed my mind thanks for your efforts

  4. Ramdev says:

    Yeah I know pradeep. That happens when the relationship status changes from “single to engaged ” :)

  5. dheerendra says:

    @Ram…very useful step ….good one…thanks

  6. parag says:


    What is diif between cfgadm & luxadm cmds.

    in which scenario we will user this 2 cmds….

  7. sathiyaseelan says:


    There are two volumes, i have to migrate new storage.
    i am going to use  this commend
    vxassist -g mirror

    my doubt is disk 11 is using two volume so I am going to use like this what will happen.
    Kindly advice me.


    v  db2ddv01     –            ENABLED  ACTIVE   1258291200 SELECT  –        fsgen
    pl db2ddv01-01  db2ddv01     ENABLED  ACTIVE   1258291200 CONCAT  –        RW
    sd DISK6-01     db2ddv01-01  DISK6    0        209715200 0        xiv0_282d ENA
    sd DISK11-02    db2ddv01-01  DISK11   1048576000 1048576000 209715200 xiv0_284c ENA

    v  db2ddv04     –            ENABLED  ACTIVE   1048576000 SELECT  –        fsgen
    pl db2ddv04-01  db2ddv04     ENABLED  ACTIVE   1048576000 CONCAT  –        RW
    sd DISK11-01    db2ddv04-01  DISK11   0        1048576000 0       xiv0_284c ENA

  8. sathiyaseelan says:

    There are two volumes, i have to migrate new storage.
    i am going to use  this commend
    vxassist -g mirror

    v  db2archive   –            ENABLED  ACTIVE   4194304000 SELECT  –        fsgen
    pl db2archive-01 db2archive  ENABLED  ACTIVE   4194304000 CONCAT  –        RW
    sd DISK2-02     db2archive-01 DISK2   209715200 1941113648 0      xiv0_2831 ENA
    sd DISK3-02     db2archive-01 DISK3   209715200 1941113648 1941113648 xiv0_2832 ENA
    sd DISK4-02     db2archive-01 DISK4   209715200 312076704 3882227296 xiv0_2833 ENA

    v  db2ddv07     –            ENABLED  ACTIVE   629145600 SELECT   –        fsgen
    pl db2ddv07-01  db2ddv07     ENABLED  ACTIVE   629145600 CONCAT   –        RW
    sd DISK7-03     db2ddv07-01  DISK7    1366146272 629145600 0      xiv0_282e ENA

    v  db2ddv95     –            ENABLED  ACTIVE   209715200 SELECT   –        fsgen
    pl db2ddv95-01  db2ddv95     ENABLED  ACTIVE   209715200 CONCAT   –        RW
    sd DISK3-01     db2ddv95-01  DISK3    0        209715200 0        xiv0_2832 ENA

    v  db2recovery  –            ENABLED  ACTIVE   4194304000 SELECT  –        fsgen
    pl db2recovery-01 db2recovery ENABLED ACTIVE   4194304000 CONCAT  –        RW
    sd DISK7-02     db2recovery-01 DISK7  629145600 737000672 0       xiv0_282e ENA
    sd DISK1-03     db2recovery-01 DISK1  322562464 1828266384 737000672 xiv0_2830 ENA
    sd DISK4-03     db2recovery-01 DISK4  521791904 1629036944 2565267056 xiv0_2833 ENA

    how to do it

  9. Ramdev says:

    HI Sathiya, I think some how the format was corrupt for the syntax ….. the command of vxassist -g mirror changed in the post , I have placed the right syntax there now . please let me know if that still doesn’t clarify your doubt.

  10. Yogesh Raheja says:

    Hi Sathiya, two option will be available for you, if you want to play very very safe use vxassist -g mirror with new storage. Second if you think you are comfortable with VXVM use move option with vxassist as : vxassist -g move volume !. Thrid one which is not recommended and is very dangerous is to use vxevac command and move entire disk contents to new stoarge. We are in a process of posting the veritas migration method with all outputs and commands at our gurkulindia very soon.

  11. Siva says:

    Hi Yogesh/Dev ,

    May i know, why the “vxevac” is very dangerous to perform migration in host level.

    Also, does there is any procedure to migrate the VxVM in storage array level instead of host level.


  12. Ramdev says:

    Siva, vxevac command moves all the subdisks from the source disk to each disk one by one in sequential order. and just incase if there is any issue with any subdisk relocation it will fail that subdisk migration and also fail the entire command and quits.
                 This will leave your migration task in an unconstitent state.  To get it into normal state, either you manually rollback to original state or proceed for manual migration of remaining volumes after fixing the issue.

  13. Siva says:

    Hi Ramdev,

    Thanks for that, over to the procedure In of your step in phase 1
    ” Mirror existing Volumes with new storage” —> instead of this does there is any technology/procedure to proceed this mirroring in SAN array level and represent the new disks with the existing data under VxVM.


  14. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Siva, Yes there is a method which is usually called COLD MIGRATION, downtime is required in that case and migration is done at storage level Lun by Lun. Usually that is not followed in industry because it may cause many unseen issues with Lun’s FS etc after migration intially. But to your question there is a well defined method from Storage end.

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