RHEL 6 – Controlling Cache Memory / Page Cache Size


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  1. Avatar Manoj K says:


    Thanks for the valid information. By default in all RHEL 6 systems I am putting the value as follows and found it is very effective.


    What is you opinion on this

    Thanks and Regards,
    Manoj K

  2. Avatar JC says:

    “vm.dirty_expire_centisecs ( default = 3000 , mentioned in milliseconds)” – Isn’t the number actually hundreths of a second, not thousandths? IE the default is 30 seconds.

  3. Avatar Phoenix_fr says:

    Hi Ramdev ! Thanks for the article.
    I think there’s a mistake on how to change the kernel Parameters.
    1) AFAIK the ‘sysctl -w’ command does not make persitent changes (next reboot, all your tuning would be lost).
    Man page says: ”
    sysctl is used to modify kernel parameters at runtime.
    -w Use this option when you want to change a sysctl setting

    I did confirm this behaviour with a Red Hat 6 VM

    2) using the ‘echo’ command works, but is not wise as there’s no control on what you write (sysctl will warn you in case of bad argument and so on …)


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