VxVM Troubleshooting – Increasing the Size of Veritas Disk Private Region


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  1. Elumalai M says:

    Excellent example. Appreciate your effort.

  2. chetantare says:

    I want perform SVM to VERITAS conversion activity. means we have /dev/md/dsk/d30 as /oracle that same FS we have converted to veritas as /dev/vx/dsk/oradg/oracle (encapsulation) without losing any single KB. can u tell me are the stpes that we have to follws,

  3. chetantare says:

    Hi sir,
    Still waiting 4 reply pls update me.
    any way HAPPY HOLI!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maniswara Pavan says:

    Hi Ram,

    I have a doubt here ..
    Lets think we have disk and its private region got full . In that case what error we will get if private region got full and what would be impact ?
    how we can check and confirm for particular disk and diskgroup private region got full ?

  5. Ramdev says:

    Pavan, the below command mentioned in this doc to show how much pemlen and free values for the private region.  

    root@gurkulvcs2#vxdg list testdg|grep ^config

    and about the error message you will get something like  ( but not exactlu same)

    “Configuration too large for configuration copies”

  6. Srinivas says:

    Hi Ramdev 

    What is meant by tutilo and putilo fields in veritas volume manager

    • Ramdev says:

      Hi Srinivas, I know they are reserved for VxvM internal purpose but never played with them. And as per the Veritas manual.

      the putil and tutil fields are used by Volume Manager commands after plex creation. putil attributes are maintained on reboot; tutil fields are temporary and are not retained on reboot.
      Both putil and tutil have three functions and are numbered according to those functions. These fields can be modified as needed.
      Volume Manager uses the utility fields marked putil0 and tutil0. Other VERITAS products use those marked putil1 and tutil1. Fields marked putil2 and tutil2 are user fields. Table 1 lists the functions of the putil and tutil fields.

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