ZFS Patching with Zones using LU (Liveupgrade) in Solaris.

Yogesh Raheja

Yogesh working as a Consultant in Unix Engineering by profession. And he has multiple years experience in Solaris, Linux , AIX and Veritas Administration. He has been certified for SCSA9, SCSA10, SCNA10, VXVM, VCS, ITILv3. He is very much passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. Specialties: Expertize in Unix/Solaris Server, Linux (RHEL), AIX, Veritas Volume Manager, ZFS, Liveupgrades, Storage Migrations, Cluster deployment (VCS and HACMP) and administration and upgrade on Banking, Telecom, IT Infrastructure, and Hosting Services.

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  1. Rahul says:


    can u please provide me with “RAIDZ” tutorial, if possible ?

  2. santosh says:

    I have not clearly understood the special note 2.

  3. nikhil says:


    Currently i want 2 start ZFS admin PDF but i too confussed bet which PDF is good to understand ZFS, also confussed bet now we have to read solaris 10 PDF or SOLARIS 11 PDF

    Kindly share the PDF link to start learnning of ZFS

  4. Martha says:

    I was very interested to read how you accomplished this without downtime, which is stated in your second paragraph; however, I counted 4 init 6 commands in the article. How does this make it no downtime?

  5. Ramdev says:

    Hi Martha, nice point :). As you already aware  “With traditional procedure  ( without live upgrade) we need to have the server down while installing the patches”.  
           In this doc, yogesh’s “no downtime” statement refers to the specific part of the procedure ( i.e. create new BE, and apply patch to the NEW BE).   As per the complete procedure we definitely need downtime, to activate newly patched boot environment. 

  6. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Ram, thanks. @Martha, as Ram mentioned the downtime is required to activate new patched kernel. Till date there is NO OS which activate patched kernel without reboot. But there are some ways in which the downtime can be minimized example: Live Upgarde for Solaris, MultiBos for AIX, YUM for Linux. In all case you can upgrade your OS/Patch on ABE (Alternate Booting Environment) but in order to activate ABE at least you need single reboot. I hope this will clear you doubt otherwise we are always here to assist you with your doubts. :-) Cheers.

  7. Prince says:

    We have ZFS on root disk (rpool).
    We have 5 zones as well but they are from external storage and in different pool of ZFS (non root pool).

    Is there any different procedure to apply patch cluster on it? How will zones be upgraded and how can we rollback the zones once the zones are upgraded to NEW_BE?
    Kindly help/

  8. saikant gajula says:

    Really nice document.
    Just to add few Point To Remember for zone specific,ZFS live upgrade:-
    1.Read carefully patch read me to ensure there is enough free space under root and var as per document otherwise your patching will fail.
    2.Each zone should have it own root filesystem i.e zfs dataset and recommended free space.Incase you don’t have please do the needed migration.
    3.In case you have local dataset added to zones this might cause few problems with live upgrade(also reboots), i had similar issue so i had to remove dataset from zone.cfg of particular zone and then add them after live upgrade is finished.

  9. jairo says:

    Hi, how cant migrar or made the conversion of file system VxVm to Oracel Zpools; exist some document ?

  10. knight_owl says:

    Nice Document … Couple of question.  What are you doing with the snapshots, management wise?  You do not have any discussion about how to restore from snapshot if something were to go awry.  Also if everything goes as planned with the patching, are you leaving the snapshots out there or are you removing them?

    I am looking for ideas for patching s10 systems which have ZFS for the root file systems (rootpool) and have multiple zones on SAN attached storage (zonepool).  I am thinking snapshots are the way to go, but am looking for someone else who has experience  with this method.

  11. Maheshbabu says:


    Please post how the patching happens in linux servers.

  12. Elumalai says:

    Dear Ramdev,

    In our environment we have T3-4 model Solaris 10  8/11 release running with Solaris 10 and Solaris 9 containers. We are planning to apply the latest recommended patch cluster Solaris 10 1/13. 

    Please clarify the below points.

    1. I think Solaris 10 zones no need to stop while creating alternate ABE and applying the patch ?

    2. Solaris 9 container should be detached before creating the ABE and applying the patch. Once all the upgrade finished we can reattach the Solaris 9 ?

  13. Senthil says:

    hi ramdev,
    while we upgrade the pathches its shows root partition is busy, so in that situation we nee to unmount.

  14. Jay says:


    1 ) Is there any option to create ABE without halting the branded zones ?
    2 ) zones are residing in diffrent pool, what is the recommended space in the pool in which zones are residing ?
    3 ) If the zones are residing in different pool then how to overcome the mount point complications after the reboot

  15. Balu says:

    i have / running on rpool and 3 zones running on zonepool …how do i create a new environment including both the pools ? ie with / and zone roots in single

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