Day in SA Life : Working Remotely for an hardware issue


I have started ( aka in 2009 as my own personal reference blog, and later sometime i have realized that my leanings might be helpful for other unixadmins if I manage my knowledge-base in more user friendly format. And the result is today's' You can connect me at -

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  1. Avatar pavan says:

    very good real time scenario

  2. Avatar Deepak says:

    Good, Nice Post. Thank you

  3. Michael says:

    @Ram you missed out the deadley oncall support :) :) 

  4. Avatar dani says:

    great, very good post for starters.

  5. Avatar ramakrishna says:

    very very good scenario

  6. Ramdev says:

    Ramakrishna – welcome to

  7. Avatar Mahesh babu.R says:

    Hi sir,
          Above explaniation is very good . I have doubt that if the server has more no number of  group is running the more service groups or appilcation. whether it is possible to shift to some other server for time being like in veritas.
    I would request u post this kind of good explaniation on this kind of adminstration  part since i am learner.

  8. Avatar Rahul says:

    Great job your doing

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