VCS ( Veritas Cluster Services ) Beginners lesson – Cluster Membership & IO Fencing


I have started ( aka in 2009 as my own personal reference blog, and later sometime i have realized that my leanings might be helpful for other unixadmins if I manage my knowledge-base in more user friendly format. And the result is today's' You can connect me at -

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  1. Ramesh says:

    Ver good article… Is there any way to setup VCS in laptop using vmware?

  2. Madhav says:

    Good article … the thing is liked most & total agree with is ..
    “During the phase of learning if our focus is just on the features of the technology without making any attempt to investigate the reason behind the existence of those features, we will always end up with half knowledge. It is always wise to spend some time to understand the history of any technology, once you chose to master in it.”

  3. Ramdev says:

    @Madhav – Thanks for the comment.

  4. vivek says:

    Great explanation…!!!!! Thanks for all your effort.. The article best explains the technology behind VCS :)

  5. vivek says:

    It would be helpful, if you can post an article on Weblogic technologies and Application hosting process. Thanks..!!!

  6. Daniel says:

    Excellent article. Extremely useful.
    What is an NDA?  – you mention it in the instructions to join the Beta Program at the bottom of the article. 

  7. Ramdev says:

    Hi Daniel,  NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement.  The VCS 6.0 is already in the market, and the beta program is no longer valid.

  8. RamaRao says:

    Step by step explanation  is very good and helpful for new VCS learners.
    Thanks for efforts.

  9. Pavanisastry says:

    Thanks to Ramdev

  10. sagar.parit says:

    Hi, I want start learning the VCS; but on net number of docs are avalabel so i am tooo confused between which dos is good to understand VCS

    Pls help me.

  11. sagar.parit says:

    Hi, Thnks sir quickly reply.But honestly say 720 pages.
    What are topics that must to be read or which 1 i can exclude. BECOZ MAIN REASON IS MY DESKTOP IS 32-BIT SO I UNABLE TO PERFORM VCS ON MY PC. & IN OFFICE IT WONT BE POSSIBLE. so which are topics are must be to be read to understand vcs & also help to face the interview…….

    Again many thanks 4 reply………

    • Ramdev says:

      Sagar, for the initial learning you can focus on below

      Cluster heartbeats – know about GAB + LLT
      Cluster daemons and Cluster startup scripts
      Cluster Service Groups and Resources
      haxx commands related to Cluster oeprations – starting , stopping, switchover, freeze
      Cluster file –
      Different Cluster States, Service Group states and Resource States

  12. sagar.parit says:

    Many many thanks 4 to giving best path to learn & start the VCS….

  13. Maheshbabu says:

    nice explaniation about the vcs i/o fencing, spilt brain condition. Sir, Keep  posting good concepts on linux also. It will be very useful for beginners also. PLEASE DO NEED FUL

  14. Ravi Joshi says:

    Very nice article to get understanding of how VCS works. Nice thing you started the blog. Sharing knowledge
    is always good. Keep it up.


  15. akaky says:

    How great explanation! I’m a beginner of the VCS admin.
    I couldn’t understand why the “GAB can no longer reliably discriminate between loss of a system and loss of the network.” Why the VCS cannot differentiate “system fault” from “network fault” in the Jeopardy situation?

  16. pavani says:

    good article, helpful for me a lot, thanks for explaining clearly

  17. Srinivas says:

    Excellent Aricle which gives a very good idea of VCS behaviour. Thanks alot Ram…

  18. sivakumar says:

    Hi Ramdev,

    Its an excellent document , i configured two node cluster in my laptop by using the openfiler shared storage . I have one doubt how can we validate the i/o fencing on the vmware workstation 9. ( I am using ).

    I have done lots of searching but unable to find …Can you advise ……….>???

  19. sivakumar says:

    1. Is it Vxvm certification is a mandatory pre-requisite for VCS certification?
    2. From where we get the authenticated dumps to practice VCS ?

  20. Rakesh Kumar Singh says:

    Great Explanation

  21. shakir chaudhry says:

    Hey! you gave example just when one node become down. But what if all hertbeats link go down simultaneously. Than who will mount shared storage.
    How the voting will happen between nodes?

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