Beginners Lesson – Veritas Cluster Services for System Admin


I have started ( aka in 2009 as my own personal reference blog, and later sometime i have realized that my leanings might be helpful for other unixadmins if I manage my knowledge-base in more user friendly format. And the result is today's' You can connect me at -

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  1. chris says:

    not a bad rundown, for a beginner non jargon rundown I would also include some gotcha points. (i.e. (and IMO) at least one of your heartbeats should be a crossover cable between two nodes and a full chain of them in a 2+n node solution.

    Also, I personally find that the command line is easiest for performing cumbersome tasks as well as performing troubleshooting (although I always start new people on the gui, it’s far easier to see the “big picture” there). Things even a beginner should know are commands like hastatus and it’s equivalents for various versions and functions, a lot of information is available for very little typing.

    lastly a jargon==realworld dictionary might be helpful, it’s been my experience that people new to VCS tend to get overwhelmed by acronyms that they have never needed to know before as well as custom terms that really did not need to be invented for reasons other than obfuscation (I’m lookin at you Plex..)

    meh, just my $.02


    • Gurkulindia says:

      Hello Chris, Thanks for your comments. From your impressive profile, I have noticed that you already mastered in the art of teaching,.

      learning minds always having three challenges … learning Procedure, actual technology and understanding it’s right usage. you might have already noticed that I am trying to simplify the first and last challenges, just to give those minds enough strength to break the middle one on it’s own
      Please Keep visit to the site, and share your inputs for better posts.. Thanks again.

  2. Chris2 says:

    Yes Chris,

    You are wright about command line being the easiest way to see the picture/administer the VCS. Let’s not forget about the hastatus -summary (which as you already know presents just a summary output, in order to quick identify the VCS group having problems). Also halog -info = displays the agent log location, log that can also be used to catch better picture of what’s going on…

  3. venu says:


    Its really good and greate affert with VCS information, can you post about actual administration of VCS, i am waiting with that.

    thanks venukumar

  4. cswray says:

    Heartbeat crossovers can cause issues for heartbeat. They are a great idea but I’ve seen where they can cause issues. A switch cable setting for the crossover, I do believe, is the Veritas recommendation.

    • Gurkulindia says:

      @cswray – you are correct and switch cable heartbeat is mandatory if we think about global clusters which are located in different places. I have indicated heartbeats in th post just to make the concept simple.

  5. Bas says:

    Hi Ramdev,

    Good Article, its very simple and easy to understand for beginners. Can you provide hierarchy info of the protocol HAD-GAB-LLT. waiting for next post administrations of VCS.

  6. ganesh says:

    hi, this is very great to me to understand , please include real time issues also.

    we are friends are waiting for ur new post.

    thanks a lot.

  7. Work to encourage … Go ahead! Who is approaching for the first time in VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) can also be helpful to know the fundamentals and some concepts of VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM). Here you will find a course free of Symantec “Veritas Storage Foundation 4.x for UNIX”[1]. Here [2] my VERITAS Quick Reference recap.


  8. anuj says:

    I installed VCS 5.1 on Solaris10-x86 running on VmWare .For Hearbeat i added 2 Virtual NIC on two nodes.Now Total i have 3 NIC on both nodes.

    It installed successfully , my two nodes shows running state .

    But facing one issue – not able to configre heartbeat.When i fire the command #hahb -display

  9. laotsao says:

    two observations
    oracle rac is an application of oracle clusterware for oracle db, not by itself cluster software
    comment on the crossover cable, is for 10/100 mbit, ge use stright cables, oracle rac require ethernet switches and does not support direct cabling between two nodes

  10. ranjith says:

    Hi …

    I installed VCS 5.1 on my vertual machines in my laptop and I am able to see the nodes are running fine from both the nodes(hastatus -summ)…Could any please let me know what are all the versions of VxVM can be used for VCS 5.1 x86..?

    Thanks in Advance..

  11. Ramdev says:

    @Ranjith, I dont think you have any dependency between VCS and VxVM. You are free to go any available version of VxVM. VCS deals with only volumes, and dont care aboout volume manager.

  12. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Ranjit, Ram is absolutely right you have complete freedom to use any of the vxvm versions. But as per standards latest version is preferred. As we all are aware that there are so many modification/new feature introduced in vxvm4.0 onwards so vxvm5.0 should be preferred over 4.0 and below versions. Its only standard but not recommendation.:)

  13. Manjunath L says:

    Hi Yogesh/Ramdev, This is very good and easy to understand concept you have provied. I started going through this website regularly. Overall this is very good knowledge site for any Unix Solaris System Admin. Appreciate your effort. :)

  14. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Manjunath, thank you very much for your kind words and interest in our gurkulindia.

  15. Mahendran says:

    Actually i installed VCS in my Active/Standby servers. It is showing that two heartbeat links are down now,, I do not know about this down in links,,, Please help me..

  16. HariBhakta says:

    It was very well explained and even the first timer who does not know anything about cluster can very well follow this document and get live experience on this.

  17. Rama says:

    This is very nice to see all at once for beginners. We really appreciate your hardwork and dedication.

  18. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Rama, thank you very much for your interest and comment..

  19. sekhar says:

    hi anuj,

    i have seen ur comment, am looking for vcs 5.1 to install my x86 system in my laptop,

    please send the link.

  20. Rahul says:

    Hi Team

    This was very nice reading when went though it would provide me base start to work in VCS. Waiting your next input how to administrator VCS but still dont have any idea what is VXVM .
    Could you please provide some basic concept like to you given with VCS ?

    Thanks for sharing you knowledge
    Rahul Singh

  21. Santanu says:

    This lesson has been clearly written with easy words. Really it is good to build clear concept in VCS.

  22. Ramdev says:

    Santanu – Thanks for the feedback. 

  23. Syed Rahman says:


    This is very nice reading when I went though, it would provide me idea to start work in VCS. Could you please provide some basic concept about SUN Cluster 3.2
    Thanks for sharing you knowledge. Syed Rahman

    • Ramdev says:

      Hi Syed, Thanks for the comment. Time is our constraint for now. We will start post on various cluster concepts sometime in january, until then our main focus on operating systems.sorry about that.

  24. nageswararao says:

    this is very good in giving the concept to the beginners

  25. Yogesh Raheja says:

    @Nageswararao, thanks for your feedback!..

  26. Harikrishna says:

    Nice explaination… and good for VCS beginners.. Thank you Ramdev..!!!

  27. hari says:

    good xplanation,I understood overview of clustere,can u post some scenarios about clusteres

  28. Dhanabal M says:

    Very useful information for beginners like me. :) Thanks a lot :)

  29. snehal says:


    Do anyone having some Docs about how to configure VCS cluster in AIX environment.

  30. saty says:

    very good explained…

  31. Musab says:

    Very clear and neat explanation, atleast now I got my concepts in VCS, thanks

  32. Anil says:

    very help full in understanding the VCS concepts. Thanks again.

    As Request is if you could give some practical examples in building the VCS will help us to understand practical knowledge as well

  33. theja says:

    thank you very much…i’m newbie…but understood the concept clearly in single reading….waiting for real admin VCS :) my best wishes :)

  34. vendhan says:

    This artcile really helped me for the interview.. Thanks buddy.

  35. amit says:

    Hey….his is very useful to understand the basic idea about Cluster and VCS….thanks a lot for sharing this knowledge stuff…

  36. Saran says:

    Hello Ramdev,

    Your blog is very informative. Much appreciate the time and efforts you have invested for this. Thank you very much indeed!

  37. Hello Ramdev,

    your explanation very nice .Please provide the actual configuration of vcs cluster .


  38. Vinayak says:

    Its awesome article which clears the all basic concepts of VCS. Suberbbb article.

  39. Sunny says:

    Nice article for intro to VCS

  40. Amar says:

    Its really awesome article which clear the all basic concepts of VCS & also the images & example is very simple to understand.
    Thanks for sharing such articles.

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