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RHEL7 Interview Preparation – Assessment -1

if (window.qmn_quiz_data === undefined) { window.qmn_quiz_data = new Object(); } Welcome to your RHEL7 Interview Preparation 1 Name Email Phone Number Please fill in the comment box below. window.qmn_quiz_data["24"] = {"quiz_id":"24","quiz_name":"RHEL7 Interview Preparation 1","disable_answer":"0","ajax_show_correct":"0","progress_bar":0,"contact_info_location":"0","qpages":[],"skip_validation_time_expire":1,"timer_limit_val":"30","disable_scroll_next_previous_click":0,"enable_result_after_timer_end":0,"enable_quick_result_mc":0,"end_quiz_if_wrong":0,"form_disable_autofill":0,"enable_quick_correct_answer_info":0,"quick_result_correct_answer_text":"Correct! You have selected correct answer.","quick_result_wrong_answer_text":"Wrong! You have selected wrong answer.","pagination":{"amount":"1","section_comments":"0","total_questions":30,"previous_text":"Previous","next_text":"Next"},"error_messages":{"email":"Not a valid...

Solaris 10 : Troubleshoot the problems while initializing network services

Actual Problem Scenerio Unable to initialize network services right after installing Solaris 10 Operating System(OS). All the network services appear in the state: “uninitialized” in the output of the inetadm command. The vold process also won’t start, so the CDROM will not mount automatically, as autofs...


Every DevOps Engineer talking about “Continuous Integration”, what does it mean?

DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployments etc are some of the most commonly used terms in the IT industry now a days, but what does actually some of these term means?. Why they are becoming an integral part of any software Delivery lifecycle....


Solaris DNS : Types of DNS Servers

Types of DNS servers 1. Root Servers: Root servers are positioned at the top or root of the DNS hierarchy, and maintain data about each of the top-level zones. The root servers are maintained by the NIC and have been moved to a common domain for consistent...


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